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Orthotics from Hillcrest Physiotherapy in Abbotsford

Do your feet hurt? Or your knees? Hips? Or Lower back? Often the root of the problem is how your feet hit the floor every time you take a step. Orthotics hold your feet in position to make sure everything else in your body stays aligned.

Custom orthotics are made to the exact measurements of your feet and counter the specific imbalances in your system. Proven to eliminate discomfort and pain, tailor-made orthotics control the function of your feet by shifting imbalances to change how your feet work.

Your feet and ankles stop rolling as you stand, walk, and run, keeping you better aligned and your whole body in better balance. Our goal is to help optimize your foot balance and functionality. You can reduce pain from injuries in your feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back with custom-made orthotics.

Why are Orthotics Custom Made?

Every foot is different. Even your right and left feet are slightly different from each other. But feet are just the beginning. Everyone has a different way of walking, standing, and running, too. As you take a step, your whole body is involved in what part of your foot takes weight and in what order.

Your arch could be high or low. And the different elements of your feet work together to create a unique combination.

A custom foot orthotic device helps correct the alignment of your foot and how it affects your posture. The custom foot orthotics improve any structural problems and compensate for mechanical deficiencies. More and more people today have realized how important a custom-made foot orthotic can be. Custom-made foot orthotics require a detailed assessment to fit according to the shape of your feet.

That’s why we use a specialized assessment methodology at Hillcrest Physiotherapy. For a strong, stable, and supportive base, it is important to start with a biomechanical assessment to determine the best orthotic for your foot.

At Hillcrest Physiotherapy in Abbotsford, we use specialized technology that helps to produce custom-made footwear to address your specific individual needs. Combine that with our years of experience, and we can help almost everyone reach their optimal foot health goals!

Call today for an assessment at Hillcrest Physiotherapy in Abbotsford to determine if custom-made orthotics could help you feel and move better! We’re looking forward to seeing you.

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