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What Is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a therapeutic treatment process which includes a fine filament needle or an acupuncture needle that inserted into the trigger point of your pain. It actually works through the muscles. Dry needling is a process that helps to lengthen taut muscles and heals injured tissue. This method is a part of acupuncture.

Dr. Chan Gunn developed the acupuncture process to IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) to prevent chronic pain. IMS is a category of dry needling that helps to stretch and lengthening muscle knots. IMS is a scientific process to create the exact balance of muscle energy. Hillcrest Physio has brought certified specialists who are expert in applying IMS. This is such a critical process which should not be in the wrong hand. Because in wrong hands it may come with wrong solutions. The experts at Hillcrest Physiotherapy are experienced in dry needling and are the team to visit when in Abbotsford.

Hillcrest Physiotherapy has a responsible team that can provide dry needling services with special care. It is initially important to ensure the diagnosis is on point, the ability to understand the condition of your patient is the first step to recovery. Hillcrest Physiotherapy has the best setup for IMS in Abbotsford. Treating people with respect is the key to ensuring our clientele are happy not only with the service, but the process involved.

Why Do People Need IMS:

IMS is a method comes from dry needling. Specialists use acupuncture needles to pinpoint the route of your pain. IMS specially invented to prevent chronic pain. Nowadays, chronic pain has been a common problem that affects the daily life of many people. Hillcrest Physiotherapy provides the most reliable IMS in Abbotsford at affordable prices. With expert professionals, Hillcrest Physiotherapy can be trusted to get your body feeling back to 100%.

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